Marine Stewardship Council International
Campaign Activation for Sustainable Seafood Week

I was thrilled to receive the call to work with MSC again on this project. With the upcoming Sustainable Seafood Week events MSC wanted a portable, interactive and fishy media wall for event attendees to snap a photo in front of. 

Immediately I started thinking - How can I take this brief beyond the mark and make it a truly memorable event inclusion, not just a wall of logos? The answer came to me as I remembered the fun and informative felt walls from my childhood. 

I decided to run with this, making a 'grown up' version of this ubiquitously enjoy childhood activity. With fish labelled discreetly as 'MSC Certified' on their underside, event guests could not only have a photo taken with a fun backdrop but engage in a re-contextualisation of the very issue, and solution, that MSCI are working towards... Changing producer and consumer behaviour around sustainable seafood.

I also broke my foot half way through the project (pictured) adding some challenge to executing a large fabric wall in various public settings. 
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